What Can a WordPress Theme Do?

WordPress themes help site owners build a website without coding it from scratch. You can simply activate a theme from the WordPress directory or purchase it via a third-party shop and upload the file to your WordPress admin area.

A theme can drastically change the design of your site with theme features such as:

  • Navigation menus.
  • Custom headers.
  • Custom backgrounds.
  • Sidebars.
  • Post formats.

A new WordPress website comes with an installed default theme that is simple and lightweight. You can either use it or change it to a free or premium theme. Some WordPress hosting providers also include free themes into their packages.

Note that the design elements might significantly change once you replace WordPress themes since each of them often has a specific style and purpose. For example, some might be more suited for complex business sites, while others are perfect for simple portfolios.

By default, users can only activate one theme at a time. To activate multiple WordPress themes, install a plugin like Multiple Themes.

Unlike a WordPress plugin that adds a specific feature to a site, a theme should not have crucial functionality. As a result, users will not lose a critical function if they change their theme.

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