Top 10 High CPC Keywords in Pakistan, Cost-Per-Click Keywords

Pakistan is among the low-paying CPC countries in the world compared to nations such as the USA, Canada, Australia, and The UK. However, there are some high-paying CPC keywords in Pakistan that can make website owners and bloggers among other online content creators a decent earning when audiences from Pakistan make impressions and conversions from the clicks on the sites. Below are some of the highest-paying keywords in Pakistan.

1. Banking

Banking ranks highly in Pakistan’s CPC keywords. Content produced along the lines of finance can attract handsome earnings for content creators.

2. Credit 

Content on mortgages, loans, and credit cards can make an income from the businesses that are in the industry and thus advertise accordingly.

3. Technology

This offers a good ground to create content as it is consistently growing and incorporating newness thus always content-rich. Technology content such as smartphones, computers, and smart devices are rewarding for websites as they attract some conversions from the people in Pakistan.

4. Fashion

Fashion is another high CPC keyword in Pakistan as it can offer great rewards for online creators. Men and women fashion businesses can advertise on the appropriate sites and garner some conversions. This then leads to high CPC for websites.

5. Fast Food

Fast food content also attracts high CPC rates in Pakistan. With the growing demand for deliveries and remote access, this is a keyword that earns a high CPC for websites and blogs that produce material in the line.

6. Health

Health and medicine is another high CPC word in Pakistan that covers all content in the field ranging from telehealth, doctors, doctor salaries, best hospitals among others. This field allows creators to partner with groups such as hospitals and consultants to link them with their target audience.

7. Internet

The internet is another keyword for CPC rates in Pakistan. Material revolving around topics like using the internet to make an earning or link with providers can make bloggers earn a rewarding income.

8. Insurance

Insurance particularly for automobiles is a high CPC keyword in Pakistan that can earn online content creators a rewarding income from Google AdSense.

9. Online College

Online college, online learning, and general online education is a high CPC keyword.  This allows websites to make an income by partnering with institutions that offer these to in Pakistan.

10. Free Domains

With the increase in businesses, free domains became a high CPC keyword as people sought means to kick off online business and e-commerce.

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